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Slight hanging idle question.

Hi Gang,

I picked up a 2007 250 with less than 3K miles. It had been sitting for a long time.

I rebuilt the carbs, and the bike starts easily. It will start without choke on these warm days we have been having.

When the bike is idling at 1500 rpms, and I blip it up to 3,000 or so, the idle hangs up there a bit and kind of slowly drops back down to 1,500. It feels like a delayed reaction as it returns to 1500ish.

If I rev it up to 4 or 5K and let it drop back to 3Kish, it seems to come back down in a more normal fashion.

Bike screams nicely when up in the higher rev range. Seems to be running fine when I do that.

Any input is appreciated.

Thanks All!
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1. Did you disassemble down to every last nut, bolt and individual component? If it can be further disassembled, do it.

2. Poked out all lateral bleed holes in carb-venturi, emulsion-tubes, pilot-jets?

3. scrubbed out all secret hidden passages with PEA-based fuel-system cleaner with brushes?

4. ultrasonic soak, micro soda-blast everything?

5. replaced all rubbers: fuel-rail O-rings, float valves, mixture-screw O-rings, float-bowl seals?

6. set float-height with final wet-test to verify?

7. sync carbs after installation?

Do search on here for "clean carbs ducatiman" for threads with how-tos and photos.
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Rev Limiter
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Danno pretty much has it covered. Doing carbs right isn't quick or easy.

Many times, hanging RPMs means a vacuum leak -but it can also be just a lean condition due to improper adjustments or partially plugged carb circuits.

Did you remove the idle mixture caps, idle mixture screws, clean the passages, and check that the o-rings are in good condition?

Most of the time, when everything else is correct, setting the idle mixture screws to 2-turns out initially gives you a good place to start.

After it's fully warm, I will adjust the screws to get the highest RPMs at idle, go about 1/8-turn out (richer), then set the idle speed to 1200 or so.

Syncing the carbs is also a good idea before fine-tuning the mixture screws.
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