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wear and tear after 63757 km / 39617 miles

I bought my 250 R new in February 2012, and except two 12 month periods (2015-2016 and 2021-2022) it has been used for my daily 80 km / 55 miles commute. I have had it serviced roughly every 6000 km, according to schedule. Until now, I was told from the workshops servicing it that it never needed any valve adjustments. Now the exhaust valves had to be adjusted.
I have replaced a couple of lightbulbs and cured leaking fork seals twice, using the Sealmate tool. Apart from that, I just followed the service program, and changed tires, chain and sprockets.
I paid the 11557 NOK service bill today, included 7.25 work hours. (11557 NOK is about 1200 USD for the moment.
Now I was told that the following parts are worn, and soon ready for replacements:
* both brake rotors (just about 4 and 4.5 mm)
* clutch (plates and springs?)
* rear brake caliper (was worn and "sticking")
* rear wheel bearing
The bike has been treated well, and I'm in my fifties and finished with driving like a cartoon character and like I have eternal life.

I was surpriced to hear that the clutch is nearing the end of it's life, and that the brake rotors are this worn. Maybe that's just because I lack knowledge, and not because the workshop is hoping to grab my money from me soon asking to replace the mentioned parts..

Does this sound normal? Shouldn't a clutch normally last much longer than about 40 000 miles, for example?
Brake rotors?

Any others that would like to share their experiences?
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My new clutch cable had no adjustment range remaining at 32,000 miles, meaning my clutch was probably wearing out (not a stretched cable). The cable was new because the first one frayed and broke several thousand miles earlier. After buying the new one I got the old one repaired and continued using it to preserve the new one.

I had to replace the brake pads about four times and the rotors twice, though I think something went wrong with the first replacement causing abnormal wear. When I changed the pads once myself I could tell that my calipers were not looking too good with lots of pitting and wear on the pistonsÖ though I wasnít equipped to deal with it and just had to do a pad-slap. Still, the dealerís service center just slapped the next set of pads on there and didnít say anything about the condition of the rest as if there was nothing to be concerned with. This was all over ten years ago when I was still commuting daily on the bike (purchased new).

Other things that needed replacement in that time:
Every rubber wellnut except the two visible on the windscreen (same size; different part number).
The rubber trip reset button cover on the gauge cluster.
The rubber bumpers on the passenger seat (never fully installed by the factory so they fell out)
The battery.
The fork seals.
Tires (of course).
Petcock (replacement failed too after zero miles but years of storage)
Cam chain tensioner (mine developed a noisy cam chain until replacing/resetting this)

My valves needed to be adjusted when we checked around 29,000 but I donít know what the service centers found in the past valve checks. I always asked for the measurements before/after but they never gave any.

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If this is 1st valves needed to be adjusted, that's very good! On my 2008 race-bike valves needed adjustment @ 15K-miles after 3-seasons of racing. After 3 more seasons and 7K more miles, they look good and won't need adjusting for quite while.

I replaced original front brake-rotor at 12K-miles, it was only 1/2 worn. I upgraded to Galfer 420-stainless rotors. After 5 race seasons and 3 sets of semi-metallic pads, they show ZERO wear, no ridges or grooves anywhere that could be felt or seen. Last year I upgraded brakes again to larger 310mm rotors.

Clutch life... depends upon how smoothly you shift and match RPMs. I slip clutch very little to start and do clutchless shifting up & match revs on downshifts so there's little slippage. On original clutch at 22K-miles. I did upgrade to stiffer Barnett clutch springs in beginning. You might want to try loosing clutch cable slightly to put engagement point in centre of travel.

All service items you're facing can be done at home easy with instructions from service manual. You should at least review procedures to be familiar with what's involved. Also wouldn't hurt to get second opinion for fixing these at another shoppe.
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The factory glued the rubber dampers onto the rear seat pan because they kept falling off, but this was a factory error. The real issue was that they weren’t fully seated.

During installation the damper would bottom out against the plastic seat pan before the rubber plug pops all the way through the mounting hole. The proper solution is to twist while maintaining pressure so that the plug will finish working through. They never fall out once fully-seated… WITHOUT glue.

The factory glue would eventually fail and the damper would get lost or end up deep inside the bike… if you were lucky. Even then you couldn’t see/reach it and wouldn’t know to look. The assemblers might’ve fixed this by 2012 but it was definitely an issue for years.

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