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...well, sorta...

It was a 0mph crash... So as I've said I was given a little 2fiddy for my wife to learn to ride on. She was really excited at first, but that spark seems to have died with the bike sitting due to this weather. Hasn't made any moves to get her permit, always has an excuse when I offer to take her to a parking lot to practice. The fairings hsve been pulled off almost from day 1 since the carbs needed rebuilt after sitting for a couple years. Finally, FINALLY get it all sorted. I decide I'm going to leave the fairings and tail off for her first few practices to save them from the inevitable 'forget to put the foot down when stopped' or 'forgot the pull the clutch when putting into gear' tip over.

Well, to try to ignite that spark again I decide hell with it, I'm gonna put the fairings back on so she has a pretty bike again. Get them on, which is right when the tach decides it's going to stop working, of course

In taking the left fairing off, I must of magically rolled the bike on the perfect fulcrum of the kickstand that it was ok upright until I walked away to set the fairing down and the vibration of my footsteps through the world was enough for it to tip... Gah!

So now I gotta figure out this tach thing as well as replace a mirror, clutch lever, kill switch (though I have the switch repaired to the point she'll never notice). The bracket for the headlight fairing is also bent and broken, but that will be ok. Just a real kick in the nuts.

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I was that avoidant girl for a long time. I finally decided I wanted it, and took the class. She'll come around when she's ready.

I'm sorry you tipped over but it happens.
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