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Handlebar screw problem :((

Hi friends i have a problem i was trying to install some handlebar mirrors on my 2010 ninja 250, but the right screw of my handlebar got damaged, i tried to repair, but now it looks like this and i can't remove the screw, someone know what can i use to remove the screw and install my mirror?


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hammer and chissel or drill and drill bit drill the head off and them pull the end off to get to the rest of the bolt with vise grips.
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I mounted my bar-end mirrors by clamping them to the outside of the ends of the bars, and left the stock bar ends alone.
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As taz suggested, a small chisel would probably be your best bet at this point.

Stay out on the very edge, and dig into the screw with the chisel so you can get it to rotate.

If not, then start drilling.
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chisel is a good idea, also you could try to use a die-grinder with a cutting wheel and cut a groove for a large flat head screwdriver, or cut a groove for the chisel to seat in and hammer away.
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It got mangled in the first place because you (or whoever tried to remove the bolt) did not know that it's secured with red Loctite -- the permanent kind. It is, in effect, glued in place.

Get hold of a torch and heat the thing before attempting to remove it. That will break the Loctite bond.

Hard to tell from the photo, but if the stripped-out cavity is in reasonably good shape you can also go get an Torx bit that's slightly larger than the cavity. Hammer it in TIGHT (you're going to destroy the bit doing this, but that's okay).

If you succeed, you'll now have a hexagonal stub sticking out, firmly wedged into the damaged screw.

Now get a hand-held impact driver and a dead-blow mallet. If the Torx bit stub fits into the impact driver chuck, great. If not, fit an appropriate socket.

Use the impact driver and hammer to break the thing loose.

DO NOT just try to twist it out with a wrench or ratchet. You will fail and wind up worse off. You need to use an impact driver. Trust me.

They also make extractor kits that do pretty much the same thing. The ones you're looking for are short and stubby, not the el-cheapo screw extractors you'll find at your local home depot. Those are useless and you'll just get yourself in more trouble.
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Let me show you how to get that off in less than 2 mins, take a drill and drilled the head of the bolt off, heat up the end with a torch and melt the locktite, the use a vice grip and back it out.
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There’s a plastic insert that screw is glued into. Too much heat is bad.
Drill the head of and grab the stub with vice grips.
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