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Indicator help

Hey all,

Recently out of nowhere my right turn signal has stopped working. When the switch is turned right nothing happens, left wide works fine.

When turned right:
-The dashboard does not show an indicator is being used
-no lights turn on
-literally nothing happens

When turned left:
-Dashboard shows an indicator is on
-Indicator is on and blinking

I have never crashed or anything, this happened the day after some hard riding but the indicators worked when coming back from said riding so I do not think the events are related.

Does anyone know what part I may need to replace/what is wrong
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Hi Sean! Welcome to Ninjette!

Let's see if we can get you fixed up. First measure parts to determine if they are indeed defective before replacing. Otherwise you will be replacing perfectly-working parts with brand-new perfectly working parts and nothing changes. Which is waste of time and money.

1. Measure continuity/resistance of turn-signal switch in left-turn position (orange + green)
2. Measure continuity/resistance of turn-signal switch in right-turn position. (orange + grey)

If they are not same measurement of 0-ohms/continuity, switch may have damage or corrosion. It can be disassembled and contacts cleaned. I use 9x9 baking tin to do this surgery as 27 tiny ball-bearings of 5 different sizes and 52 micro-springs will fall out when switch is taken apart. I don't recommend doing this unless you really know what you're doing.

Next step after testing switch, and if OK, is to measure wiring between switch and flasher-relay. Then between relay and bulbs. Most of time, if is switch OK, it's in wiring. A lot of time people replace flasher-relay and bulbs to no effect because they're fine.

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