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OK, so I'm new to this site, but not to bikes, and something always struck me as odd. It's this obsessive focus on mods like exhaust and rearsets and clip ons and etc. that seem to take a much bigger priority over things that count. Like learning how to ride. Or making your bike more visible via additional brake lights.

And I haven't found a whole lot of people who have done what IMO is hands down the best bang for the buck mod out there, which is suspension. I know that the 08 has much better stock bouncers front and rear than the old gen, but nothing, and I mean nothing, beats having suspension that is rider specific. A rear shock built to your weight and riding style, and front springs that are specific to your weight. The difference is nearly indescribable, and both can be had for less than the cost of a full sytstem + filter + jet kit.

I'm not saying don't mod your bike. Cause I don't care what anyone else does to their ride. All I'm saying is that I advocate spending your hard earned money on something that will give you way more return than the "normal" upgrades that people do.

If I were to start over with an 08+, the only mods I would do would be (in no particular order):

Definite list:

Adjust idle mixture screws (to fix the cold starting properly)
Frame sliders (cause no matter what, the bike *will* end up on its side somehow)
Front / rear suspension (NOT progressive)
Extra brake light in rear
Tank pad
Tires (if the bike came with crappy IRCs)
ZG DB wind screen
Possibly gel grips

Maybe list:

Full exhaust
Flushmount fronts
Rear fender trim
Smaller rear signals
Shorty adjustable levers
Swap out the (useless) fuel gauge for a temp gauge

Would never do list:

Integrate signals into brake light
Spiked bar ends or bolts
Fatter rear tire/rim
Extended swingarm

But, as I said earlier - YMMV, and what you do with your bike is your call. I've gone through several evolutions with my 07, and ende dup with a bike that runs like a raped ape. Fast as s**t, sounds awesome, and rides like a dream.
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is it any different when people mod cars? people will be people. as long as they're not spending your money, does it really matter?

eventually, the serious ones will learn the value of certain mods that work, until then, it's what makes a community a community... many different views on a single subject. no one says you need to accept what they say and you are more than welcome to offer your take on the subject, too.

who knows, you may even learn something that you never knew that may one day prove to be useful.
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Everyone has a different approach and perspective when modding their bike, I always find it interesting so see anything from a street fighter to a full out race bike and enjoy reading the mods and why each person did them... it gives me greater perspective and often times ideas to use.

I agree, learning to ride your bike and wearing the proper gear is the best thing you can do for yourself to ensure you will be able to enjoy many miles of riding, beyond that it's personal preference.

To me it's some blend of function/comfort and aesthetics. After having many street bikes, dirt bikes, cars, truckl and jeeps I have learned to buy pretty much what I want that will satisfy my needs/wants in the most stock form that I can then lightly mod to my liking. Sometimes the mods I do aren't necessary at all but more of a personalization. Other people with more time and money to invest in a certain project may enjoy trying to squeeze as much as they can out of something... speed/handling, etc.

Regarding the Ninja 250 suspension, the stock Ninja suspension serves me well for what I do... commuting and some sport/touring riding so I have no need to tweak it any thus far but if I do my first step would be to turn to this forum for support and ideas from others who may have already been down that road.

This could be a good idea for a neat thread, something like "my mods and why", humm. My favorites are the homemade mods that people come up with on their own to satisfy a need they had, now I just need to finally get some metal working tools and some scrap metal to play with!

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