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inconsistent throttle/rpm after shimming and snorkel removal

i was reading up on some threads about high rpms at idle and cant find one that matches my current situation, at least the way i am seeing it

(shimmed with 2 washers and de-snorkeled).. turned it on with choke off, it idled at 1300-1500, let it sit for about a minute, rode it around the parking lot for 5 min, seemed everything was fine, but as soon as i put it back in my parking space and kickstand down, about 10sec later, it started revving all the way up to almost 3500-4000 rpms...

i turned the idle knob counter clockwise to get it down to about 1500 again, and had hoped that fixed it.. (still in the space), i gave it a little throttle, and then it went up to about 2500rpm and sat there...

i took it back out for another ride... came back, it went down to 1500 when i parked, i waited, and then it went back up to like 2500-3000 rpms... i moved the idle knob again to get it ~1500

i dont want to keep moving it down, else that damn knob will probably fall off lol

what should it idle at cold with choke?
without choke?
idle after a 5 min ride?
should i still be using teh choke? because i didnt even touch the choke when starting it up after the shimming/desnorkeling

if i use the choke, at full choke, it goes up to 6500rpms
i move the choke a little, and it doesnt really have any affect until it goes all the way to full

i think my main concern is... why is it going crazy when i am sitting still even after a warmup and adjusting the idle knob? i am more than happy with it starting up cold at 1500rpm and requiring less than a minute before i can ride it.. plus an improved rumble w/o the snorkel
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the idle speed should be set at ~1500 after the bike is completely warmed up (about 10-15 minutes of riding). set it with the knob and don't touch it unless the idle speed needs to be readjusted after the bike is fully warmed up.

for cold starts, use the choke to start the bike, then keep using the choke in decreasing increments. it's an analog device rather than an off/on device. use the choke as the bike warms up to keep the revs about 2000-2500 until you can turn the choke off completely and the bike will idle on it's own w/o dying. again, touch up the idle speed with the knob only after the bike is completely warmed up. (10-15minutes of riding)

also, check your choke cable to make sure it's back on properly at that bracket down by the carbs. you removed it when you took off the left side carb cover.
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because he is the expert but also, with the motor running, in neutral, you on the bike and both feet on the ground, what happens to engine RPM as you turn the handle bars left and right. If you have somehow not properly got the choke and throttle cables back where they belong you could be pulling on them causing the change in RPM.
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Sounds like you have too much fuel at idle. As your bike warms up the idle goes up, it can only be that as there is always the same amount of air going inside the bike.

I would suggest only playing with the idle adjuster after the bike is completely warmed up. Idle RPM with a cold engine is what the choke is for (and should only be used if necessary).

IMO you have way too much air and fuel going into the bike at idle with 2 washer and no snorkle, maybe it's time for a proper jet kit ?
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