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V-Twin Addict
Name: Robert "Doc"
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Hi from the PNW, struggling with idle and RPM build on a new rescue 250 project

Just thought I'd drop in here and actually get a membership now that I've been wrenching a lot on a Kawasaki again! No sense in lurking.

A little about me: I'm not super new to bikes, and I probably have a lot of gems I could leave here on the forums.

I'm a 20-year Marine Officer, pilot. (I served 4 Enlisted) I try to get out and ride a safety course every year, if I am in country. I've been to race school twice. I ride safely, but I still flush traffic. I keep racing on the track. Not a douche, not a know-it-all. Super down to Earth.

I've a few bikes, I've owned a few, I sold a few bikes.

I wrecked a moped once trying to pick up bitches in front of a party doing a stoppie, I got road rash from it.

I've had some BMW's and a Honda race bike, a few Ninja 600's for street and track, and briefly went through a r6/r1 stint.

I currently have 3 Buells, 97 S1W, 99 X1RS, 14 EBR. I ALSO have this fun little Kawi 250 Ex that my wonderful girl rides around on and I've given a few putts on (it's a lot of fun to hooligan on and rides nice!) and I was a tech for BMW and Honda before I joined the Marines, so I've done my share of riding and professionally trained wrench spinning.

Anyhow, I'm working on this semi-new purchase of a EX250 with only a few hundred miles (this is my first time working on this bike) sorting out a low-speed lean problem with it and I'll be in and out of the forum as I bring it from a long-term hibernation. Basically, we picked it up from a girl who lived down a road that had pea gravel and although the 250 is SUPER LIGHT, she had zero confidence in her riding and parked it for 6 years and never rode it again.

When I went to go see it, it had a dead battery, bad gas in the airbox, flooded low-side cylinder, stuck carb floats, the plugs looked like ****, the ethanol in the local Washington gasoline had destroyed the inside of the carbs until they were just green frozen blobs, so nothing moved or even has open passages and it just puked fuel from the overflow vent tube.

The carbs were pulled and boiled out, the plugs cleaned, everything was safety checked, oil was drained from bad gas floating in it, all the PM was done, battery replaced, blah blah, jets were replaced, and I can't get the idle to clean up, so it has to idle at 2.5k to have enough throttle response to pull from a stop without stalling. I'm really struggling to get more throttle response out of a long 10-15 second patient hold-and-wait-build from 1.5k to about 2.5k before she wants to have enough power to even think about starting to slip that clutch out to roll forward. We're not even really talking about forward motion until really 4k sometimes if we're on a tiny incline, and really, that's about when the CV seems like it's opening up.

Once the main jets/slides/needles open, you feel that vacuum slice those slides up and it really comes alive. It's a peppy little bike you can ride like a drunk prom date in the back seat and you can get really naughty with her too. Twist that throttle, snip her gears, pull the hair, get a little rough, it's ok, it's really forgiving! It's NOT a Buell and dual-personality scalpel-in-hand-murder-machine-f-18, I seriously doubt you'll get jacked up hammering down on this 250 or running twisties with her at 20 over the speed limit by my house and then barking the throttle or trying to push some more lean in there. The brakes were clean and the clutch cleaned right up too.

So, what am I missing here? I didn't think I would need to open the dang idle mixture screws and adjust them off of factory settings for a stock bike. I just can't believe this rescue project is so jacked up. Thanks for any thoughts.

I'm not looking to mod the heck out of this bike, I just need to clean up the idle situation and get more torque down there and speed up throttle response to about 3-4k.
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cadd cadd cadd
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Name: Cadd
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Demonik! Glad to have you aboard...
Riding it like I financed it.
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Name: Brad
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Originally Posted by Demonik View Post
I'm a 20-year Marine Officer, pilot.
What airframe you on?
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Ducati999 sage
Name: Ant
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Glad to have you with us and WELCOME! I believe you have answered your own question in your post. She wont pull till you get enough RPM to pull the CV's in which adds fuel. Your description of the condition of the carbs was extremely graphic and holds the answer. Since this bike has a small displacement motor, the carbs are small and so are the passages and jets. You either knocked the floats out of adjustment or there is still stuff blocking the idle jets. You should pull the carbs again and confirm the float level is correct (idle goes dry first with low fuel) then recheck the idle passages. You may have to take a single strand of copper out of a piece of wire and run it thru the tiny openings. I have had good luck soaking the carbs (minus the rubber diaphrams) in SEA FOAM for a couple of days. My carbs were not as bad as yours but that stuff eats the gunk that gets stuck in there and makes it soft enough to get sucked out while running. Using the strand of wire to make a passage way for the cleaner to get into the most intimate places helps a lot.

Good Luck and let us know how you make out!
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Name: Kerry
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sammich maker
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Name: snot
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