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[] - Your First Track Day: 5 Things You Should And Shouldnt Do

Congratulations! Youíve decided to do your first track day. Welcome to what will likely be your next addiction. Riding on the racetrack is a ton of fun and allows you to explore your limits in a much safer environment than the street. Your friends and riding buddies have probably told you this before, and weíre guessing itís why youíve decided to sign up for your first outing. Youíre understandably excited, and probably nervous, too. Donít worry, your friendly MO staff are here to help.

Weíve been there. We can all remember our first trackday, and weíve been to enough subsequent trackdays to give you an idea of whatís important to remember and whatís better to forget. Here, weíll give you our five doís and doníts when it comes to participating in your first trackday. Itís all simple, really.


Have health insurance

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This one shouldn’t need any explanation.

Bring plenty of water and healthy foods.

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Few things are worse than being hungry and dehydrated on the track. Also, your ability to concentrate will fade if you suffer from either of those.

Make sure your bike is in good working order.

No leaks, tires with life left in them, and no strange drips from your suspension. Also, some trackday organizations require you replace your (slippery) glycol-based coolant with distilled water or another coolant type without glycol. Even if yours doesnít, this is still a good idea anyway.

Bring your key!

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Your otherwise great day can all end very quickly if you leave your bike key at home.

Ride your ride.

Itís your first trackday. Plenty of other people will be faster than you. Donít get sucked in. Ride to your comfort level and go home with your motorcycle in one piece. Nobody wins a trackday and there are no trophies to hand out at the end of the day. Focus on yourself and what youíre comfortable with.

Have fun!

Okay, so these are six things. Still, this should be the golden rule when it comes to motorcycles. If you arenít having fun, then what are you doing? In addition to riding your ride, seek out the help and guidance of the instructors each trackday organization has. Donít feel like youíre bothering them Ė their job is to guide you and coach you to be a better rider! Take advantage of their services. They want you to be a repeat customer.


Donít forget your gear.

Your suit is obvious (one-piece is preferred, but two-piece suits are fine), but weíve seen people forget their boots, gloves, even their helmets! Also, donít forget your back protector or airbag (and donít forget to charge it), and under garments if you wear something underneath your suit. We highly recommend bringing ear plugs, too.

Donít forget gas!

Embed from Getty Images
Make sure your tank is full, and if you have a fuel jug (if you donít, get one), fill that up, too. You go through gas pretty quickly at a trackday. Donít be caught in the cold because your tank is dry.

Donít go alone.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Itís best to go with a buddy, if you can, just in case you bang yourself up and canít physically get yourself home. Youíll test your friendís loyalty if they offer to pack up your stuff and take it back. This is also a reason NOT to ride your bike to a trackday. If you break your bike, youíre stuck. Even if you finish the day in one piece, youíre going to be tired. Splitting driving duties with a friend will be a lifesaver.

Donít be hard-headed.

Leave the ego at the door. You might be brimming with confidence because nobody can touch you on your local twisty road, but we promise youíll be quickly humbled at the track. Many times weíve seen canyon carvers give up street riding entirely after riding on track Ė the thrill, combined with the safety factor of not having opposing traffic coming at you Ė simply couldnít be matched on the street. Weíre not saying this will happen to you, but keeping your ego in check and being open-minded will get you far in this sport.

Donít become attached to your money.

Embed from Getty Images
Because once you get hooked, youíll be searching through your couch cushions trying to find a way to do another one. You might even convince yourself to get a dedicated track bike. And if you really fall in the rabbit hole, youíll have a go at racing. Then you can really kiss your wallet goodbye. Welcome to the club.

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