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[Question] best way to repair cracked fairing

Hi guys i want to repair the craked fairing from my ninja, also my ninja got a hole in some places, also scratches, i want to repair that, because in alot of pages say about 2 tubes (1 white and 1 gray) but only work with abs plastic or something like that, somebody know what matterial is our original ninja fairings?

Also if someone have a tutorial, how to apply that.

Ps: sorry for my bad english
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Here you go:

Yes, the OEM fairings are ABS plastic, so you want ABS plastic cement. This is nasty stuff (don't get it on your skin or on the good part of the fairing) that melts the plastic and actually does weld it together. Once the solvents evaporate what's left is ABS exactly like the the fairing. Solid plastic.

I don't know where you'd find it in Mexico. We have large hardware/home repair stores here in the US. I got this at Home Depot.

This works for cracks and is thick enough to fix very small holes, but won't fill big ones. It is not suitable for scratches. It is ONLY to weld plastic together.

The tighter-fitting the crack, the better the repair will look. The crack I fixed was very clean and tight, so it came out almost invisible. On a rougher or larger crack, the repair will show.

The "two tubes" stuff you've found is epoxy. That will work too but ABS cement is better for fixing clean cracks.
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Agreeing with everything Gort posted above, I'll add that I'd probably try to reinforce the crack with something on the inside. Maybe a piece of ABS cemented on, or maybe some fiberglass cloth coated with ABS cement. It may not be necessary but if it's a high-stress area, it would be a good idea.

Your English is good David, much better than my Spanish.
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