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buckster07 newbie
Name: Raymond
Location: whidbey island
Join Date: May 2019

Motorcycle(s): 2001 ZRX1200, 2009 EX250

Posts: 1
Hello from WA

What's up everyone just saying hi i just picked up a 2009 250 with 340 miles on it for cheap... of course with that the carbs had to come off and apart for a proper cleaning and carb dip... while it was apart i put on a cheap slip on just for sound and re jetted with factory pro jet kit. i like the 250 cause stuff is so cheap for it and way more readily available compared to my other bike (2001 zrx1200) and they are fun to scoot around town on!
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Name: .
Location: .
Join Date: Aug 2014

Motorcycle(s): .

Posts: A lot.
MOTM - July '15
buckster07! Glad to have you aboard...
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CaliGrrl certified postwhore
CaliGrrl's Avatar
Name: Kerry
Location: Ventura, CA
Join Date: Jan 2016

Motorcycle(s): Ninja250

Posts: A lot.
MOTM - Apr '18, Apr '17, Apr '16
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The Corner Whisperer
csmith12's Avatar
Name: Chris (aka Reactor)
Location: Northern KY
Join Date: May 2011

Motorcycle(s): 2010 250 (track), 1992 250, 2006 R6 (street/track), 2008 R6 (track)

Posts: Too much.
MOTY 2015, MOTM - Nov '12, Nov '13
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dcj13's Avatar
Name: Dave
Location: South of Seattle
Join Date: Oct 2012

Motorcycle(s): '94 K75 std

Posts: Too much.
MOTM - Aug '15
Hi, Raymond! Welcome!
What part of Whidbey you from?
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DannoXYZ certified postwhore
Name: AKA JacRyann
Location: SF East Bay
Join Date: Dec 2011

Motorcycle(s): CB125T, Ninja250R racer, Ninja250R street bike, EX250F#1, EX250F#2, EX250E, VF500F, CBR600RR

Posts: A lot.
MOTY - 2018, MOTM - Nov '17
Greatings and Salutions!!!
Let's see some photos of your bikes!
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sammich maker
snot's Avatar
Name: snot
Location: West Ohio - in the kitchen
Join Date: Feb 2012

Motorcycle(s): 2013 white 300, 09 KLX 250 SF, 09 thunder blue 250(traded)

Posts: A lot.
MOTM - Apr '15
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"a legend in my own mind"
maverick9611's Avatar
Name: maverick9611
Location: Augusta,Georgia
Join Date: May 2017

Motorcycle(s): 2008 exploited 250r(red), 2008 klr 692 (godzilla), 2011 husky 630 sms(godzilla part 2)

Posts: A lot.
MOTM - Feb '18
"trying not to get old"
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MichaelS214 member
Name: Michael
Location: Seattle
Join Date: May 2019

Motorcycle(s): 2008 250r

Posts: 46
Welcome! Bainbridge Island here - just joined the forum as well.
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Snake certified postwhore
Snake's Avatar
Name: Rick
Location: Alexandria, Louisiana
Join Date: Jan 2009

Motorcycle(s): 05 Blue Ninja 250

Posts: Too much.
MOTY - 2017, MOTM - Jan '19, Oct '16, May '14
Hello and welcome!
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PJocko member
PJocko's Avatar
Name: Mine or the bikes? I think I've settled on Saeko. I'm James.
Location: Twin Falls, Idaho
Join Date: Jun 2019

Motorcycle(s): 2005 Ninja 250R as a first bike!

Posts: 32
Whidbey.. Navy guy? I'm an ex-Chair Force maintainer who just got bit by the motorcycle bug with my first bike, a Ninja 250.

If "period" is the inverse of frequency, P = 1/f, with that equation, using very simple math, we can calculate empirically something that your wife has been telling you for years: her uterus hertz.
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