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09-08-01 Sunny & Tyke incounter Noche Caliente Pt 1

Posted August 3rd, 2009 at 08:58 AM by BlueTyke

Photos only

Today was a long time coming. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. It turned out the fates agreed. It was time to meet Noche Caliente!

On top of knowing that I knew it was going to be a long day. As it turned out I was right!

Time to get underway 6:00am wake up time to be out the door by 7am. I sprang Tyke from storage the night before and had her buckled down to my civic so I wouldnt have to fight with storage.

The day started out nicely I headed out with little to no traffic. I was doing good on time. When I reached the DC area I realized I had forgotten my phone at home! That was desasterous because I knew I was going to get it in the end as no one could get ahold of me. Never mind the fact that where I was riding there wasn't much signal. Either way. I got a scolding when I got home and told that if I forget my phone again it'll be the couch. So nice to know he cares.

Anyway back on track! Focus! The ride down was alright a bit boring as it was all major highways and byways or what evers. I saw (and smelled a lot of interesting things) I did have to stop about 8:30am to stretch and do other things. I happened to stop at the first rest stop on the Virigina side. So I got to get the Welcome to... Picture!

Tyke is welcome! They probably shouldn't have told her that...

After a quick break and leg stretch we were back on the road heading down. By this time I was running a wee bit behind, according to Zumo I was now 10 minutes late! Sheesh! Common Tyke lets go!

Look Tyke! Mountains!! Whoot!

And you know we would have made it on time if we didn't have 80 miles of 29 to take on. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was a freeway/highway instead 29 is an Expressway (or what I call one where the speedlimit is from 45 - 60 but there are lights... EVERYWHERE!) I did have to stop again about 50 or so miles from the final spot for another break. But once I got there, the crew was already waiting for me!

A full group was waiting to say hi. Noche Caliente, Mr. Caliente, Caliente Jr. and Momuro (Paul).

I apologized for being late and they understood, thank goodness! It's not like they didn't have plenty to do/look at!

I mean look at this view!

Noche_Caliente (here in refered to as Mrs. Caliente) picking a honey suckle for Caliente Jr.

Momaru (Paul) I think this shot turned out quite well actually...

The bit of sage advice from Papa Caliente was "Lowside on Blue Ridge, you never hear about anyone lowsiding." O.o

Tyke and Paul's bike (Astrea I think...She has some starish kind of name. Sorry Paul!)

Common Caliente! Lets ride!

Now it must be explained, before people think we are being stalked that Mr. Caliente drove Mrs. Caliente's bike from home in a trailer behind a Subaru. In the car they also had Caliente Jr. So it was a family affair! So Mr. Caliente took up sweep. Mrs. Caliente took lead with Paul and I in the middle.

Photo ninja that I am I made it a goal to get action shots of both of these riders. Not that they had asked me to but it seemed like a fun thing to do. Espcially if I did it while riding So, I did. I think I startled Paul the first time I passed him and Mrs. Caliente as well. They recovered though and was ready the next few times I did this. *Note: I did not do anything illegal as I passed them when there was a dashed yellow line and no cars coming *

Unfortunately the first round Paul and his bike were not being very photogenic, I got him later though...

Paul with Mr. Caliente taking up the rear

Mrs. Caliente

Took a picture of my pocket (I do this about three - four times a trip. This time I only did it once! I am so proud..)

There's Paul!

We stopped for a short break to use the last bathroom for 'a while' I didn't know how long that was so I was certainly making use of this faciliity! Not that you wanted to know that...

I didn't get any pictures of the building. Yeah I know I'm a failure

Here is Paul


Back on the road we headed down Blue Ridge Parkway and took a left on 60. This was a fun road. Not to technical and we took it at a good pace.

Mrs. Caliente
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