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updating some gear and adding some protection

Hey guys!! So I have been thinking of upgrading the protection in my current line up and hopefully making it a bit easier and versatile for commuting. I have always had a bit less protection in the legs than I would like.

Current gear:
Gauntlet gloves
Leather jacket that connects to mesh overpants
Race boots
helmet of course main area of concern is my legs. Frankly the overpants suck for protection albeit better than normal jeans.

Situation. I mostly commute to and from work. That said, I do have a shower at work.

I have considered a one piece suit but I have two issues. One being that I know it is going to get pretty hot and I am already warmer than I like with my current gear this time of year. Secondly, I will probably need a whole second set for the winter(I could get a snowsuit as some of you have suggested last year!) and would also need to worry about leather in the rain. I would also need to add a tailbag as I currently only use a backpack.

Option 2: Get CE rated underwear and kevlar jeans. Downfall is probably not as much protection but A LOT cheaper without really sacrificing safety. I think most would be hard pressed to fault the safety of the combo other than the jeans wouldn't zip to jacket. I do ride the highway into work and travel ~80mph. I do have the one piece rainsuit but it gets VERY HOT. More upside to this option is I could wear the jeans throughout the workday and only need to change into a shirt. I arrive early enough that sweat and heat are not an issue for the ride in to work.

I wish the dainese cruiser leather top and bottom was a little cheaper as it is the perfect setup.

I would like to move away from A-star as I haven't been pleased with their products but I dont want to switch for a huge financial hit. I could always get some A-star leather pants but still have a rain and heat issue.
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I really like my kevlar jeans in hot weather. They have kevlar lining in the seat and knees, plus CE-approved armor in the knees and hips. Off the bike they look like somewhat baggy blue jeans, but on the bike they breathe really well and are a lot more cool and comfy than leather.

'14 Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom (silver)
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I've got two pair of kevlar jeans that zip to my jackets and they're pretty comfy in warmer temps. I've got the Bilt ones, and there are probably higher quality ones out there, but so far this is what I have. The kevlar leggings I got from GoGoGear are better as far as protection, comfort, and fit, but probably not work-appropriate (though you could put other pants over them).
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I have seen the cortech overpants slide 250ft at 100mph. What brands are you looking at? Not all textile gear is sucky, some are actually quite good. I would think @NevadaWolf knows plenty about gear that leans toward your goals.
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Originally Posted by chemist View Post
Current gear:
Leather jacket that connects to mesh overpants main area of concern is my legs. Frankly the overpants suck for protection albeit better than normal jeans.

Situation. I mostly commute to and from work........
Please, take a look at these:

I don't believe that there is something more practical and protective for commuting, rain or not, that textile over-pants with CE protectors for knees and hips and leg-long zippers.

Most come with a universal zipper-to-jacket, vent pockets (for hot days) and water-tight (still breathable) fabric.

I may ride without a jacket, but never without my over-pants.
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What about an aerostich? Looked so convenient with the single zipper.
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Aerostich is one of the most expensive pieces of gear out there, BUT it does work very very well in a crash (as a friend of mine just proved this last Thursday when a vehicle decided to make an illegal u-turn on I-70 and my friend slammed into her at 70mph. Walked away with a broken wrist).

I don't commute, so my personal views may be slightly different than your goals, but this is what has worked for me.

I look for a single set of gear that I can wear all the way through Death Valley in the summer, though frog-choking rain, and into frigid cold winters.

I was wearing TourMaster Flex pants, where the outer panel unzips from the legs and reveals a huge mesh panel across my thigh and shin plus was large enough I could wear regular pants underneath. Comes with knee and hip armor and a zip to match it to the jacket (never did that). Worked really really well until the material just got beaten down by heat, sun, and wear until it was no longer water resistant. Does come with an interior rain and thermal liner that I only wore in winter. Good price point too.

I am now wearing Olympia MotoQuest pants, that have a similar mesh panel on the front covered by a textile panel that can be rolled up behind the knee armor to expose the mesh on the thigh. They are not waterproof, but do come with a rain liner that can be worn inside or *outside* the pants themselves (score!). Plus the adjustability is nice, 6 inches at the cuff to hem to your personal liking.

That is the only mesh that I'll deal with.

My jacket went from a Tourmaster Jett 3, to a Lookwell something so old it's not on their site anymore, now to a Olympia Ranger.

Key for me is heavy on the waterproof side (for sudden intense but short lived desert rain storms) with some venting in the arms and wrists (no gussets in the sleeves) as I use an interior base layer sleeve that I soak and let the wind up my arms cool down through evaporation and then trap that cold air in the core of the jacket. Mesh would just let all that cold air escape. Also, for me out here in the desert, once the air reaches above 93* the air moving through your mesh is no longer cooling you off, but instead heating you up. Personally, I found this to be true when I tried a Joe Rocket mesh jacket in August in Death Valley and found I was FAR more comfortable when I put the shell of the Tourmaster over the mesh to block the wind.

Hope that gives you some things to ponder.
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If you're not worried buying from Canada, you could look at the Joe Rocket Alter Ego 13.0.

Here's the Jacket:

Here's the Pants:

I have the Alter Ego 11.0 since 2012, and I love them... I've tested it in near freezing temperature and I stayed warm (with other layers underneath).

When it's cold you keep all the layers and you stay warm, when it's warm, you unzip everything and they air extremely well. The water protection is not perfect but can keep you dry for a fair period of time, depending of the amount or rain falling.

Note the price are in CAN$ so cheaper for you...

Otherwise you can go for the american version call the Alter Ego 3.0
The Jacket:

The Pants are Alter Ego 2.0:

Hope it will help.
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