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Dyno Jet Kit

Hey guys. I have done 0 performance mods to my bike. It seems that the most recomended mod is:

Dynojet Stage 2 Jet Kit:

I was wondering if someone can direct me to a tutorial or if anyone has an experience with one of these.

Is it worth the $100?
Do I need a new exhaust system or air filter to use it?
How do I install one of these?

I have stripped the bike naked about 3 times now, so I am pretty sure I can do it myself just need a tutorial.

Thanks for the help and feeback ahead of time.
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I had a dynojet kit on mine for the longest time before I switched to EFI, I purchased my bike with the kit though so I cannot vouch for the noticeable performance gains with the kit. They're actually pretty easy to install if you aren't afraid to do a little work on your bike. The easiest way to install this kit is to remove your carburetors to start with. The Dynojet kit itself should come with some basic instructions, but you'll have to remove the two black caps on the top of the carburetors, pull the springs and the needles out, then replace them with the Dynojet needles. You will also likely choose to flip the carburetors over and take the bottoms out to replace the old main jets with larger main jets to supply more fuel, enrichening the air/fuel mixture since these bikes generally come lean from the factory for emissions and fuel economy purposes.

Though it is typically not mandatory to change to a different air filter or exhaust system, the performance gains would be complimented if you chose to.

If you're willing to go that far, you may wish to check these threads about adjusting your mixture screws, shimming your needles, removing your snorkel, and removing your air filter box so you can switch to a filter that's easier to breathe though. Each could potentially make your bike run better:

Also, whether you make the purchase or not, if you begin experimenting with different main jet sizes doing it this way saves a lot of time and frustration.

One final bit of potential helpful information would be my personal thread with my first experience with jetting, it may help answer some questions that come along the way.

I'm quite surprised no one posted here for you to begin with especially after so long! Good luck an happy jetting!
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