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Old September 25th, 2015, 03:08 AM   #1
f0r54ken member
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Hey so I was thinking after endlessly trolling google. We've got a ton of guys who take their bike apart right? I'm thinking a tutorial section for repairs or mods with pictures would be excellent. Assuming Said guys wouldn't mind Taking photos and writing out a tutorial when they are doing it.

It's too hard to find specifics on the internet these days. and I Think it would lead back to this forum for other people who don't know how to, install a custom accessory line, or replace the spark plugs, Or find the location for the turn signal relay switch. Or install custom turn singals.

Personally I'd love to contribute to that section if it did exist.
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umm.. search "DIY" in the search bar. There's stickies in every tech section and guided how-to type threads for each generation. There's also the WIKI.
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Originally Posted by f0r54ken View Post
Personally I'd love to contribute to that section if it did exist.
Awesome! Here is how it works here.

There is a tech section for each generation of bikes on this forum. Choose the section for your DIY and create a thread with your DIY content, pics, vid, ect... and your done.

The next step is handled by our awesome forum master Alex. He will add it to the list or maybe even sticky it to the top. The DIY list is always at the top of each tech section.
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Am I missing something?

I know there's the sticky for the NewGen DIY list:

But not seeing a comprehensive sticky for the PreGen:

Closest I see is the link referencing to ninja250:

Is there a PreGen list?
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Alex dude
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Almost all of the DIY's are linked from that mongo thread at the top of the new-gen tech section. I didn't think we had enough standalone pre-gen threads to warrant a separate thread, and I didn't want to just duplicate what is already available on
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f0r54ken member
Name: Ash
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Motorcycle(s): Kawasaki ninja ex250 2007

Posts: 85
Thank you guys

I've got a few things to add myself. I know when I google searched very specific things they were practically unfindable. (like a turn signal relay switch, Or the Color of wire going from switch to handlebar.) (or Which hoses are supposed to got o vacuum vs fuel, vs dump.) That kind of stuff. Assuming a noob was taking out their carb or taking of their tank.

So I'll have a few things and picture to post myself. And open stator housing is pretty darn hard to find too for this specific bike. So I'll take lots of pictures and upload them accordingly as I work on it

This community seems like a good one. Thank you all for jumping in on these posts.
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